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NATHI ( New Aspirations for Helpless Individuals ) is a social welfare campaign we aim to take to new heights. Under the program NATHI, we aim to drive awareness regarding various social activities which can change the life of all those who need our help as well as may contribute to the well being of our society.

What NATHI is exactly ? NATHI is all of us, it's an inspiration for others. The word NATHI defines the motivation, the zeal to do something for the society. Let it be anything starting from doing away with orthodox social practices or helping those living on the streets or even donating used products at our home to needy ones.  It's all about how we can add value to the society with minimum efforts. Your suggestions and ideas are always welcome and you can share them with us on

You can also share the pics of your social activities or anything you find a news or a story that can motivate others on our Facebook page or mail us for sharing with our followers. So, let all of us be a NATHI. Yes, we are new and owned by a woman entrepreneur but we have firm faith and believe that we'll turn the heads around.